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Valiryo Body Dryer

A highly efficient, full-body dryer that gives you an effortless and relaxing after shower experience. It’s water resistant and safe to install inside the shower cubicle, eco-friendly & hygienic. 

RRP: AU $2,750 incl GST (ex. Delivery)

Trade & Bulk Pricing Available – Call For More Information

Hammock Bathtub

Get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary hammock bathtub. This freestanding bath design takes luxury to a whole new level with its innovative features. The hammock bath is renowned for its unparalleled comfort and deep soaking capabilities, making it the epitome of relaxation.

What sets the hammock bath apart it its unique solid surface material and suspended hammock tub style. This combination creates a floating effect, allowing you to escape the stresses of your daily life.

Designed with resort-style living in mind, the hammock bath offers ample space for you, and even a companion, to lie back and relax fully immersed in water comfortably. Its indulgent large bath shape not only provides excpetional comfort but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. This striking piece is both beautiful and practical, combining functionality and style seamlessly.

Crafted from sturdy and durable solid surface material, the hammock bath is easy to clean with its silky-smooth texture!

Vogo Smart Toilet

Looking for the perfect piece for your bathroom or wanting to upgrade your toilet to something smarter? Vogo Smart Bathroom has the smart solution for your project!

Smart Toilet

  • Adjustable Nozzle
  • Adjustable Water Pressure and Temperature
  • Warm Air Dryer with Adjustable Air Temperature
  • Water Massage
  • Heated Seat with Adjustable Temperature
  • Automatic Sensor Flushing
  • Cover Sensing & Soft Close Cover
  • Night Lamp

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