A New Era in Body Drying.

Taking innovation, hygiene and sustainability to a new level.

Valiryo Body Dryer

The Ultimate After Shower Experience

A highly efficient, full-body dryer that gives you an effortless and relaxing after shower experience. It’s water resistant and safe to install inside the shower cubicle, eco-friendly & hygienic. 

RRP: AU $2,750 incl GST (ex. Delivery)

Trade & Bulk Pricing Available – Call For More Information

Turn drying into a daily well-being experience

Indulge in a new drying ritual that helps you relax & de-stress.

Valiryo offers a more natural & hygienic way to dry, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, softer and more hydrated.

Extend that feel-good shower experience guilt free with optimal and autonomous drying while reducing both water & electricity usage.



Market leading uniform air flow, temperature and intensity from top to bottom.

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Ease of use for people with limited mobility and skin conditions.


Relaxing & Vitalizing

Aiding in relaxing both your body and mind, and enhancing wellbeing.



Simple installation without the need for regular maintenance



Reduces water use, electricity & detergent compared to washing and drying towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our comprehensive list of common questions and answers below. Or feel free to get in touch with our friendly team who can help.

Versatile Applications

Valiryo combines style, luxury and comfort with many practical benefits including improved hygiene and skin care plus reduced energy, water and towel consumption. Our body dryers provide privacy and independence for mobility compromised individuals making it a smart choice for both home & business applications.

Home & Bathroom

A luxury experience that brings new meaning to drying

Wellness & Sport

Hygenic & convenient enhancement for gyms & clubs


Increased guest satisfaction with reduced overheads

Care & Health

Safe and effortless drying for greater independence

The Worlds Best Body Dryer

The Valiryo body dryer is in a class of its own and cannot be beaten on performance, style, reliability or efficiency.  It’s  unique “S” design offers a homogeneous airflow through 27 diffusers providing unbeatable drying.

Motion Sensor

Valiryo has a convenient built-in motion sensor which will automatically turn on when you stand within range. It will also switch off automatically after being idle for 9 minutes.

Shower Safe

Valiryo is IP56 certified, meaning it can be safely installed inside the shower cubicle. It also has an antimicrobial silver ion coating that prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Fully Adjustable

The integrated control panel offers 16 different combinations of air temperature and intensity. Meaning you can set it to warm on cool days, or cool on warm days.

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